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Migraine Treatment:

A New Option for Treating Migraines

Migraine Treatment: A New Option for Treating Migraines

There are few things in life that can bring you down and turn your day sour faster than a debilitating migraine. Headaches may be caused by a variety of underlying factors such as your diet and lifestyle. You may suffer from a headache after attending a particularly loud party, or you may suffer regular headaches from a genetic complication you’ve inherited. Many times, the source of your headache is an imbalance in the biochemistry of your brain.

If regular headache medication is doing nothing to relieve you of your pain, enhanced neurofeedback may be the perfect alternative for you.

What is Enhanced Neurofeedback?

Enhanced neurofeedback (ENF) is the process of monitoring your mental activity and using a computer software to send out small signals to balance the fluctuations in your brain. These small signals are safe enough to be used consistently, but still potent enough to show almost instant results.

Your brain is made up of a network of chemicals called neurotransmitters, and when these transmitters are not in balance, you may suffer from all sorts of mental complications—headaches and migraines being one of them. By opting for ENF, you can quickly restore the biochemical balance in your brain to get the pain relief you so desperately need.

Does Neurofeedback Really Work?

Traditional neurofeedback has been known to reduce migraines significantly. A study revealed that 62% of participants who used traditional neurofeedback saw a significant improvement in their migraines. These patients all had long histories of migraines and they has unsuccessfully used multiple headache medications in the past to try and relieve themselves of the pain.

To make matters even better, the neurofeedback also improved non-targeted symptoms in many patients including improved focus, mood, and sleep. Enhanced neurofeedback works in much the same way and can produce similar if not better results when executed properly by a medical professional.

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    How Does Enhanced Neurofeedback Improve Migraines?

    During the traditional and enhanced neurofeedback session, your therapist will put sensors on your scalp so they can measure your brain activity and note any negativity you may be experiencing such as insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

    Once they locate the problem, they will create a training plan to put your brain back into a more efficient state. In traditional neurofeedback, this is done by rewarding you in some way when your brain reaches the correct and ideal state to be in. This teaches your brainwaves how they should be behaving and can help you develop long-term healthy habits.

    In enhanced neurofeedback, this positive stimulus is not required, and a computer software simply sends out signals when any fluctuations or brain imbalances are noted. This makes the entire process a lot faster, more efficient, and more effective as well.

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    Is ENF a Good Migraine Treatment in Pregnancy?

    Enhanced neurofeedback is very safe and is only conducted using an FDA approved EEG amplifier. If you’re looking for a safe and noninvasive migraine treatment while pregnant, ENF is a viable option.

    Get Rid of Your Migraines with ENF

    When you’re going through an attack and you have a severe migraine, ENF can help control your stress response so your brain biochemistry is balanced, and you experience almost immediate pain relief.

    Get in touch with our team of medical experts at the Superhuman Clinic to discover if ENF is the best option for your headache complications. Based on your medical history and current health conditions, our medical experts will guide you to the best therapy program to help you overcome your migraines so you can enjoy a life free of pain again.

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